CyberFactory#1 at the ESM 2021: Invited Talks

The CyberFactory#1 consortium organised a second workshop at the 35th European Simulation and Modelling Conference, which took place on October 27th-29th. Similar to last year’s CyberFactory#1 workshop it consisted of invited talks and a paper session. This year, four speakers from our partners gave the keynotes at the conference, presenting one of our use-cases and covering different aspects of the factory of the future that increase the security and optimization of production. Check out the presentations below.


Invited Talks:


1. CyberFactory#1 – Protecting the Factory of the Future with CyberRanges and Digital Twins: the Roboshave Use-Case

Speaker: Adrien Bécue (Head of Innovation Airbus Cybersecurity, Elancourt, France)

2. Holistic Correlation of Events from increased Security and Safety of Factories of the Future

Speaker: Isabel Praça (Professor at ISEP and Researcher at GECAD, Porto, Portugal)

3. Realistic Simulation-based Fleet of cobots for FoF Optimization in Complex Scenarios

Speaker: Sergi Garcia (PAL Robotics, Barcelona, Spain)

4. CyberFactory#1 – Increasing the FoF Resilience with Modelling and Simulation Tools

Speaker: Jarno Salonen (Industrial Cybersecurity, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere, Finland)

Further information on the conference, the speakers and their topics can also be found here.