CyberFactory#1 at the ESM 2021: Invited Talks

The CyberFactory#1 consortium is organising a second workshop at the 35th European Simulation and Modelling Conference, which will take place on October 27th-29th, in Rome. Similar to last year’s CyberFactory#1 workshop it will consist of invited talks and a paper session. This year, four speakers from our partners will give invited talks at the conference, presenting one of our use-cases and covering different aspects of the factory of the future that increase the security and optimization of production. Further information on the call for papers (late submission is open until July 15th) can be found here.


Invited Talks:


1. CyberFactory#1 – Protecting the Factory of the Future with CyberRanges and Digital Twins: the Roboshave Use-Case

Speaker: Adrien Bécue (Head of Innovation Airbus Cybersecurity, Elancourt, France)

2. Holistic Correlation of Events from increased Security and Safety of Factories of the Future

Speaker: Isabel Praça (Professor at ISEP and Researcher at GECAD, Porto, Portugal)

3. Realistic Simulation-based Fleet of cobots for FoF Optimization in Complex Scenarios

Speaker: Sergi Garcia (PAL Robotics, Barcelona, Spain)

4. CyberFactory#1 – Increasing the FoF Resilience with Modelling and Simulation Tools

Speaker: Jarno Salonen (Industrial Cybersecurity, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere, Finland)

Further information on the speakers and their topics can be found here.



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