New State of the Art Document

The new State of the Art document provides an overview on factories of the future (FoF) resilience. It is structured along the four key enabling capabilities related to the resilience of the factory of the future that are considered to be vital, namely:

  • Human/machine access & trust management
  • Robust machine learning ability
  • Human/machine behaviour watch
  • Cyber resilience capability

Resilience in the factory of the future is significant due to the nature of modern manufacturing that is increasingly based on large supply chain networks with real-time information exchange as well as other Industry 4.0 characteristics such as the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud repositories and machine learning. As the ever-increasing digitalisation introduces new cyber threats, FoF operators need to identify and mitigate these threats, taking into account not only their own operations, but also all the other potential vulnerable parts of the entire manufacturing supply chain. By identifying the threats and vulnerabilities within the supply chain, they can strengthen the weakest links which can be production machines, connections, network devices or even employees. Strengthening the weakest links consists among other things of assigning the necessary security policies and access rights and restrictions to users and devices, designing and developing protective measures to factory assets and its supporting technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), monitoring anomalies and other irregularities, training personnel to detect and perform mitigation actions, but also planning and practicing the remediation and recovery of factory assets in case of a cyber-attack. After all, it is not about whether a cyber-attack will happen, but when and especially how fast are we able to detect it.


Download: State of the Art – Factory of the Future Resilience

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