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Carsten Thomas von der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW) hat auf der 17. European Dependable Computing Conference vom 13-16 September 2021 in München ein Paper mit dem Titel “Service-Oriented Reconfiguration in Systems of Systems Assured by Dynamic Modular Safety Cases” während dem Workshop on Dynamic Risk managEment for AutonoMous Systems (DREAMS) präsentiert.

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Autoren: Carsten Thomas, Elham Mirzaei, Björn Wudka, Lennart Siefke, Volker Sommer


The drive for automation in industry and transport results in an increasing demand for cooperative systems that form cyber-physical systems of systems. One of the characteristic features of such systems is dynamic reconfiguration, which facilitates emergent behavior to respond to internal variations as well as to environmental changes. By means of cooperation, systems of systems can achieve greater efficiency regarding fulfillment of their goals. These goals are not limited to performance, but must also include safety aspects to assure a system of systems to operate safely in various configurations. In this paper, we present a reconfiguration approach which includes consideration of dynamic modular safety cases. During operation, configuration of system of systems will adapt to changes, selecting the most appropriate service composition from the set of possible compositions derived from blueprints. Variations of service compositions lead to changes in the associated safety cases, which are evaluated at run-time and taken into account during configuration selection. With this approach, safe operation of cyber-physical systems of systems with run-time reconfiguration can be guaranteed.

Management of Cyber Security Threats in the Factories of the Future Supply Chains


Today there are numerous Factories of the Future initiatives delivering different Industry 4.0 applications to manufacturing industry supply chains. However, in the future, Factory of the Future is not going to be a simple manufacturing asset, nor a sum of isolated assets. Instead, it will comprise a network of factories, which is considered in a System of Systems approach. The current challenge is to propose novel architectures, technologies and methodologies to optimize the level of efficiency and security of this System of Systems in a context where every step towards digitization exposes the manufacturing process to a widening array of cyber threats. This paper discusses about the management of cyber threats in System of Systems operations and supply chains. The next generation System of Systems are using different technologies with the combination of human aspects from workers, managers, entrepreneurs and decision makers. In addition, economically there are limitations on how much to invest on different technologies and human aspects. In addition, monetary and financial flows are under the burden of cyber risks. This study will therefore embrace the technical, economic and human dimensions at once. This study is based on a European-wide multi-national research project, the aim of which is to define – through different use-cases – the preventive and reactive capabilities to address cyber and physical threats and safety concerns in System of Systems. The study indicates different cyber challenges related to the future manufacturing business and operational models, with a special attention on “as-a-service” business model. The paper also indicates initial managerial and practical views on the management of cyber threats in future business models.

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Jukka Hemilä (VTT), Markku Mikkola (VTT), Jarno Salonen (VTT)


9th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, OSCM 2019 – RMIT University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Duration: 15 Dec 2019 → 18 Dec 2019
Conference number: 9

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Hemilä, J., Mikkola, M., & Salonen, J. (2019).
Management of Cyber Security Threats in the Factories of the Future Supply Chains. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Vietnam, 2019 Vietnam.