Outputs of strategy meeting #3 of CF#1 and road ahead

A two-days strategy meeting of CyberFactory#1 (CF#1) was successfully concluded in Berlin. It was for the third time that partners met.

A key focus was on the eight use-cases of CF#1 that provide the basis for the developing of the key capabilities for the Factory of the Future (FoF). Key capabilities of the project are to be developed in the areas of Factory System of Systems Modelling, Factory of the Future Optimization and Factory of the Future Resilience. Use-case owners presented the definition, ambition(s), clear KPIs and industrial objectives of their use-cases. Afterwards first results of the risk assessment of the individual use-cases followed. The focus of these defined misuse-cases is on new risks due to the development of these new key capabilities, which cannot be mitigated (yet). These preliminary results were also presented and discussed during a semi-public workshop on the second day.

A second key focus was the kick-off of a new project working package, which will focus on the developing of models around the ecosystem of the FoF. The aim is to build representative models of pilot factories, which are able to test and train factories improvements as well as perform the misuse-cases.

So far the project focus was on the definitions of new business models being part of the FoF as well as the use-cases and respective misuse-cases. Now the project focus will shift from the rather abstract to a more pratical level.

The next strategy meeting will be in Finland at the end of January.